Question: Contradiction in the Vedas?

Is there a contradiction anywhere in the Vedas regarding the Supreme being a personality?

Answer: Only Apparently, Not Factually

For those who are not realized in Vedic wisdom and who are thus only able to approach the Vedic wisdom superficially, it sometimes appears that there are contradictions in the Vedic wisdom. For example in the Sri Isopanisad Mantra 5 it is stated:

tad ejati tan naijati

"The Supreme Lord walks and does not walk."

From a mundane standpoint it is not possible that someone walks and does not walk. But in Krishna even the inconceivable becomes possible because He is the supreme controller. Everything is acting under His absolute power. He can make anything to be exactly how he wants it to be, even if it defies mundane logic. In this case the Lord's not walking refers to His impersonal, formless, all-pervading nature, and His walking refers to His transcendental form in which He walks in His loving pastimes with His devotees. Both of the natures of the Lord are acting simultaneously, but it is the personal nature which is predominate and the impersonal nature which is subordinate. This is confirmed by the Supreme Person Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita when He states that He, the Person Krishna, is the source of the impersonal Brahman.

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