Question: Is Only Worshipping Guru Bona Fide?
Recently I was invited by a friend to visit a Bhakti centre, where they teach some spiritual matters. I visited there and my humble questions are as below:

Their teachings are they only worship guru. No other God worship is done at their Bhakti centre. They worship their guru's sandals, which they worship daily.

Can you please explain how this worship is connected with our Vedas and is it recommended by our Vedas. I am very confused and please dissipate my darkness.

Answer: It is Completely Bogus

This teaching has nothing to do with the Vedas. It is not bhakti and is completely bogus. A bona fide spiritual master will never engage his disciples in this way. A spiritual master who teaches his disciples to worship him and not to worship God is bogus. He is not a spiritual master. The bona fide spiritual master teaches his disciples to fully surrender to Krishna or God. While the spiritual master is meant to accept all honor and worship on behalf of the Supreme Person, he personally worships God and engages his disciples in doing the same. Such a center, although advertised as a bhakti center, cannot give you genuine bhakti. Instead it will give bewilderment and delusion. Therefore it is better to avoid such a center.

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