Is It a Sin to Change Religions?

Question: Is It a Sin to Change Religions?

My mother once told me that in the Bhagavad-gita it has been told that leaving one's own religion and converting to some other religion is a sin. Then is not it a sin to change a Christian or Muslim into our Hinduism for living the life of a Hindu? We are Hindu so we pray Krishna. How can a Muslim or Christian can do that since it is told changing one's religion is a sin?

Answer: Sinful to Think that there are Different Religions

This idea of changing one's religion is a misconception. There is actually no such thing as changing one's religion because religion is one, to become a pure lover of God. If anyone becomes a pure lover of God, they are considered to be a first class religious person. It does not matter whether they are designated externally as a Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, etc. Whether we address the Supreme Person as Krishna, Jehovah, or Allah we are calling out to the same person. So it does not matter if we switch names. It is not sinful. What does matter is that we call out to Him with love free of any selfish desires. This is known as pure bhakti, and it is the universal religion. So, the conclusion is that it is not a sin to change religions because factually there is no such as changing religions. Rather what is sinful is to think that there are different religions.

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