How to Please a Guru?

Question: How to Please a Guru?

Being a reader of these mails I feel that you are a selfless representative of Lord Krishna. I know that it is wrong to judge a devotee by my fallen intelligence. Neither I have the capacity to understand your selfless services to the society. Nor am I capable of judging a devotee's capabilities. Please let me know, how can I please a devotee and above all a guru who I understand is actually an external representative of Krishna. Please help me understand this, and also forgive my foolishness.

Answer: Develop Your Love for Krishna

The way to please the Lord's devotees and especially the spiritual master is to develop your love for Krishna. The spiritual master's only mission is to awaken the dormant love for Krishna in the hearts of all men. So if you will fully dedicate your life for awakening your dormant Krishna consciousness, the spiritual master will be most pleased with you.

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