Question: How to Finish My Rounds?

I am chanting 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna daily on japa beads for the six months as well as following the four regulative principles. I am also living in association of devotees for five days in a week. But my problem is that whenever I go to my home on weekends I become lazy especially in the morning. That is why sometimes I am unable to finish my rounds in morning. Also if I wake early in the morning then my mind showers too many stupid thoughts and I am totally in mode of ignorance. How to overcome this problem? Please help me.

Answer: No Breakfast Until Your Rounds are Done

Simply make it your program that you will not take your breakfast until you complete your 16 rounds. This will insure that you get your rounds done as soon as possible early in the morning. If you shower your mind with the holy names very nicely every morning, your mind will shower you back with Krishna consciousness all day long.

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