Jesus is the Only Way

Question: Jesus is the Only Way

One of my psychotherapy clients, a young man, is a sincere follower of Jesus Christ. He is deeply confused that I am not a Christian. He agrees that God is one, but he also insists that there must be only one path back to the home. In his opinion it is the Christian path.

He wonders now:

1) I could be kind of a demon.
2) The Christian literature he is reading is not right.
3) There is no truth at all in this world.

We are quite close and frankly speaking with each other, nevertheless I feel that our communication is beginning to disturb his mind. What should I do? What would be the best way here in serving Krishna and meeting my clients needs?

Answer: Jesus' Way of Pure Bhakti is the Only Way

There is only path, the path of pure devotion to the Supreme Person. And since Christ was teaching pure love of God, we accept Christianity as a bona fide path.

One who is sincerely absorbed in pure devotion automatically recognizes all others who are sincerely absorbed in devotion. Therefore his perception that a sincere devotee of God such as yourself is a demon reveals his lack of proper spiritual vision.

His doubt that about the correctness of the literature he is reading is a valid doubt. I am also doubtful about such sectarian, fanatical teachings.

You can inform him his fear about there being no truth in this world is unfounded. If we accept the idea that there is no truth in this world, we must accept that there is no truth to the idea that there is no truth. In other because the non-existence of truth in impossible.

In order to present Krishna consciousness teachings in the role of being a psychiatrist you will need to present our teachings in a language which will connect in a meaningful way with the terminology being used by modern day psychiatrists without sounding like religious preaching. You need to expertly avoid disturbing his mind by presenting our teachings in such a way that is comprehensible and acceptable by him

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