Marriage to a Non-Devotee

Question: Marriage to a Non-Devotee

I have been married to the same women for over 25 years and hope to remain married for the next 25 years. The problem I have, however, is my desire to live a Krishna conscious life while my wife has no interest in such a life. How can this be resolved?

Answer: Gradually Make Her a Devotee

You have to fully open your heart to her and reveal both of your desires to her. In this way of honest loving dealings hopefully her heart will become softened and she will agree to facilitate your Krishna consciousness. If she truly loves you, she will agree to facilitate you in your practice of Krishna consciousness. If she is not willing to facilitate you, this means that she is simply using you for her own personal sense gratification. In this case, you will have to be staunch in your practice of Krishna consciousness ignoring whatever demands she may for you to engage in material sense gratification and with great determination try to gradually bring her in Krishna consciousness.

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