Will We Fall Again?

Question: Will We Fall Again?

Earlier you told me, Prabhu, that once we go to Goloka Vrindavan we do not come back on the earthly plane. We live there for ever. All current individuals are destined to go to the spiritual sky. Please answer my following questions:

1. If we go to Goloka Vrindavan and again revolt or envy Krishna, will we come back to earth again?

2. If we merge into the impersonal effulgence of Krishna, will we come back to earth ever again?

3. If anyone in the past has talked to God or everyone has realized God in different aspects, why is there so much confusion regarding the nature of God?

Answer: Once Burned, Twice Shy

Once burned, twice shy. After having made the mistake of falling into material existence once and having learned our lesson, we will not make the same mistake twice.

The Srimad Bhagavatam states that those merge into the impersonal brahman effulgence fall back down into this material world. Therefore instead of trying to merge into Brahman we should become devotees and go the planet of Krishna from where we are guaranteed not to fall down ever again.

Many great pure devotees have established direct personal communication with God. The only reason the human society is confused about God is that people have stubbornly, proudly refused to hear about God from these great acharyas. If the people of the world can now agree to hear from the great acharyas, the whole world will become delivered. There will be no more confusion.

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