Why Try for Impossible Peace?

Question:  Why Try for Impossible Peace?

Why should we attempt to stop evils, when they are inevitable? Evils occur due to effect of past actions. That is Karma phala of the subject. Don't we stay calm and strong even when we ourselves or others around is subject to some kind of troubles, which are inevitably the result of past actions?

After all its Kali yuga, and its period of maximum suffering to the dharmas and dharmishtas. Isn't it better to let things happen as they occur, instead of attempting to change the flow of nature and to create the 'impossible' peace in this Yuga?

Answer: Peace Will Remain Impossible Only As Long As We Consider It Impossible

Even if nothing can be done to stop the Kali yuga, at least a few people can be saved. I was saved by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada. If he had not made the endeavor to preach, I would still be caught up in the clutches of maya. Let us try to save a least a few souls. According to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, this is the duty of every Indian, to become perfect in Krishna consciousness and try to spread it as far as possible for the deliverance of the fallen, conditioned souls. So without consideration of success of failure, you should sincerely try to execute your duty.

But it is predicted that there will a tidal wave of Krishna prema which will inundate the entire world in the midst of the kali yuga. Those who dedicate their lives for trying to make spread the science of Krishna are recognized by Lord Krishna as His dearmost devotees. So while peace may be impossible from the material viewpoint, from the spiritual viewpoint it is not only possible; it will indeed come to pass. Peace will remain impossible only as long as we consider it impossible.

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