Why Do You Ignore the Swine Flu?

Question: Why Do You Ignore the Swine Flu?

I am surprised that you who are up on current world situations haven't addressed the theme of the swine flu in Mexico and the rest of the countries including your own (since April 24th when all this started) and give us some words of encouragement both for Mexico as for the rest of the world which has been affected by this virus. I would appreciate from you some pastime of Krishna that could help all us spirit souls who inhabit this material world.

Answer:  We Focus on Curing the Maya Flu.

The swine flu is not as deadly the annual regular flu that goes around every year. And the most devastating and serious flu of all is the maya flu, the flu of material consciousness that has infected every man, woman, and child on the face of this planet. The mortality rate of this maya flu is 100%. And we have the medicine of Krishna's holy names that will cure everyone from this flu. Therefore we are focusing on curing this maya flu because curing it is millions of times more important than curing the swine flu.

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