How to Know Krishna's Will?

Question: How to Know Krishna's Will?

You have mentioned that we shall be perfect when we are 100% surrendered to the will of Krishna. But with mundane imperfect senses, associated with a false ego and entangled with thousands of material desires and non important commitments at the family and professional front.. we are in complete dark to understand the will of God. Nor could we conceive the idea of thinking about the same.

Please do let us know how can we understand the will of Krishna and the real objective behind our life. His Grace please please bless us with your valuable advise.

Answer:  From the Spiritual Master

It is not difficult to know the will of Krishna because He fully reveals it in the Bhagavad-gita. He wants us to completely surrender ourselves unto His representative, the bona fide spiritual master. As a surrendered soul to the spiritual master we accept whatever order or instruction he gives us as our very life and soul. So to know how to execute the will of Krishna is not at all difficult. We simply have to mold our lives according to the directions we receive from Krishna from the transcendental via media of the bona fide spiritual master.

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