Question: Why Should You Deliver the World?
In the Bhagavad-gita it is mentioned that not even a blade of grass can move without the permission of the Lord. If that is the case, the world is moving towards destruction under His guidance only.  Why then do you feel that you should deliver the world? It is He who creates the sattvic, tamasic and rajasic individuals, and they are acting according to their innate nature under the guidance of the Lord. Also in one of the verses Krishna says for any activity to happen, the divine will must approve for it. So please explain why do you want to change this flow of actions which are according to the will of the lord?

Answer: Krishna Wants the World to Be Delivered

If a person was drowning would you just be a fatalist and think, "His drowning is happening under the guidance of the Lord. So why should I try to save him?" Or would you think that perhaps the Lord wants you to try the save him. It could be that your fate is to save him, and his fate is to be saved by you.

Since we are not the perfect knowers of past, present, and the future, how will we know whether or not it is our fate to save a person from drowning? We cannot know for sure. But there is one way we can definitely find out. We can try to save that person. If we are successful, we will know that this was our fate, and if we are not successful we will also know that this was our fate.

Similarly, it may or not be a devotee's fate to save the world. But when he is ordered to make the sincere attempt to do so by his spiritual master he dedicates his life fully for making this attempt. In this way he can find out for sure whether or not it was his fate to save the world.

According to the revealed scriptures it is already fated that this Krishna consciousness movement will save the world. Therefore, those devotees who fully dedicate themselves for making this attempt will be credited by future historians as the saviors of the world.

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