All But Bhakti is Bogus?

Question: All But Bhakti is Bogus?

Are you saying that all paths but bhakti yoga are imitations and bogus?

Answer: For Perfection Bhakti is Required

There are different systems which contain varying degrees of the truth. Some are completely bogus and misleading containing practically no truth. And some of them contain certain degrees of truth and have some benefit for the gradual elevation of the living beings. But unless through these various systems one reaches the point of loving service to the Supreme Person he will be unsuccessful in his attempt to attain spiritual perfection. For example, if follows the path of jnana yoga, his endeavor will be unsuccessful unless he overcoats his jnana with bhakti. And if he practices astanga yoga his practice of astanga yoga will prove to be unsuccessful unless he overcoats it with bhakti. Since bhakti must ultimately added in order for any system to be successful, the intelligent person does not waste precious time. He chooses to practice bhakti from the very beginning so that he can attain spiritual perfection in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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