Are We In Danger Always?

Question: Are We In Danger Always?

You have explained that we are eternally emanating from the Supreme Krishna. Then do we merge with Krishna finally and become one with the source, or do we continue to exist independently in Goloka dhama as His eternal servants? If we do not merge, is it not then that there exist always a real danger of ourselves again falling by some play of our independent will?

Answer: After Returning to Godhead We Are Safe

After achieving perfection we do not merge into Krishna. If that were to happen, there would be no scope for giving Krishna the pleasure of having a loving relationship with us. Therefore we keep our individuality and serve Krishna in a state of perfect harmony.

Since we maintain our individuality in that liberated state there is always the potential of our misusing it. But as it stated, "Once burned, twice shy", once we have experienced the difference between the material and spiritual worlds we will not make the same mistake of leaving the spiritual world again. A foolish child may stick his hand in the fire once. But will he be foolish enough to do it again? No, he will not.

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