Question: Why Divine Energy Creates Good and Bad?

What is the motive for the divine energy to create both good and bad?

Answer: We are the Ones Who Create Them

It is not the Krishna through His divine energy is creating good and bad. He is simply reciprocating with each living entity according to their desire. So, everyone experiences bliss or suffering according to their own desires. It is not that Krishna chooses to put one soul into suffering and another soul into happiness. Those who utilize their free will to serve the Lord enjoy an eternal life full of bliss and knowledge in the spiritual world. And those who utilize their free will to for trying to enjoy separately from the Lord come to this material existence and suffer the fourfold miseries of birth, death, old age, and disease. The Lord does not force one or the other condition upon us. It is totally up to us whether we will suffer material existence or relish eternal bliss in the spiritual sky.

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