How to Avoid Difficulties?

Question: How to Avoid Difficulties?

You always say that this material world is a miserable place to live in and all the sense enjoyments here ultimately lead to miseries only. I understand your point. a devotee should utilize this human birth to escape from this cycle and reach God. But still on the path of Krishna consciousness, a devotee has to undergo various troubles and sufferings due to various reasons. All these frustrating situations produce a lot of depression and anger in some devotees. Please explain how should we avoid such things.

Answer: You Cannot. Tolerate Them.

You cannot avoid calamities and difficult situations in this material world. It is not possible. Do not live in dream state. This is a world full of calamities. Therefore Krishna says that you simply have to learn how to tolerate them without being disturbed. The secret of how to peacefully tolerate them is to see every circumstance as the special arrangement of Krishna to help you become more and more surrendered to Him. In this way instead of being devastated by calamities, you will learn how to appreciate them and take advantage of them. This is compared to a business who also advances the purposes of his business no matter what is the situation of the market. When the prices go up he sells. And when the prices go down he buys.

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