Why Am I Attracted to Yoga Principles?

Question: Why Am I Attracted to Yoga Principles?

Why am I attracted to some of the astanga-yoga principles, like complete brahmacarya (no marriage), saucam (purity), tapah (austerity), satyam (truthfulness), silence, ahimsa, and santosa (satisfaction)? Is such attraction favorable for practicing Krishna consciousness or unfavorable?

Answer: Transcendentalist in Your Previous Lifetime

The reason you are attracted to these yogic principles is that you were an aspiring transcendentalist in your previous lifetime who did not complete his process of self-realization. Now you are picking up from where you left off.

All of the items you mentioned are favorable for Krishna consciousness. However it should be carefully noted that for a Vaisnava silence means to only talk about Krishna. This is the perfection of silence. Other who try to practice the so-called silence of not saying anything end having to say something anyway. And because they are not Krishna consciousness whatever they do end up saying or communicating is usually nonsense.

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