Liberation From this Material World

I want to tell some bad news and some good news. Let's get the bad news over with first so that even while hearing the bad news you can remain enlivened and remain hopeful by looking forward to the good news.

So here's the bad news first:

In spite of all the glamour and glitter of this material existence when we minutely analyze the actual situation here it becomes painfully obvious that it is hopeless. It's like living on death row in a prison. Everyone is simply waiting their turn to be put to death by laws of nature. There is no way that you can escape. Kindly do not blindly object to this, protesting that I am speaking too negatively here. Kindly open-mindedly consider whether what I am saying is true or not. Is everyone awaiting their turn to die or not? If you are honest, you will have to admit that everyone here is waiting for their turn to die.

So now that I've given you the bad news I am going to keep my word and give you the good news:

Even though there is no way that you can escape, there is a means of being released from this prison of certain death. You simply have to reconnect yourself through loving service to that supreme person who is the source of all existence. He is ready to release you immediately. Try to understand that He is the supreme person and that all of His activities are transcendental and then surrender yourself fully unto Him, Lord Sri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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