How to Get Rain in Israel?

Question:  How to Get Rain in Israel?

My country, Israel, is having a serious drought, and we are not receiving any rain. What should we do?

Answer: Organize Massive Sankirtana

Krishna states the Bhagavad-gita:

annād bhavanti bhūtāni
parjanyād anna-sambhavaḥ
yajñād bhavati parjanyo
yajñaḥ karma-samudbhavaḥ

"All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are produced  from rains. Rains are produced by performance of yajña [sacrifice], and yajña is born of prescribed duties."
--Bhagavad-gita 3.14

So the solution for drought is massive sankirtana yajna. The entire population of Israel should be mobilized for massive public chanting of the holy names of God. The Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Hare Krishna communities may all chant according to their respective scriptures the holy names of God. The point is that everyone should be out in the streets singing the holy names of God and dancing in ecstasy. This will undoubtedly bring the desired rain to Israel. Plus if the Palestinians will also join in the sankirtana, it will also bring peace between Palestine and Israel.

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