How to Conquer Negative Thoughts?

Question: How to Conquer Negative Thoughts?

How do I conquer fear, negative thoughts, and bad dreams? Help me.

Answer: Inundate Your Consciousness with Krishna

Simply you must inundate your consciousness with Krishna consciousness as much as possible by hearing about Krishna, chanting the names of Krishna, reading about Krishna, bowing down to Krishna, serving Krishna, associating with Krishna's devotees, serving Krishna's devotees, etc. In this way by filling your heart always with Krishna, the garbage of fear and all other negative thoughts will naturally go away, and you will also have Krishna conscious dreams when you sleep. Of course just as it takes time to clean your house, it will also take some time to clean the house of your consciousness. So you must be patient and continue with your chanting with the full faith that by this process you will attain all perfection.

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