How to Save the World from Destruction?

Question: How to Save the World from Destruction?

I completely believe in God. I want to know from you at which stage of the Kali Yuga we are living right now? Some are saying the world is going to perish with in a few years. How can we protect our world from the destruction? When again is the Supreme Lord coming to this horrible world to save all of us from the sins?  I am hoping for your reply soon.

You have been doing a great job by spreading God consciousness in this world, which is completely doomed by sin day by day and is ignoring the moral life presented by the Supreme God.

Answer:  Put Krishna Back in the Center

The Vedic scriptures have informed us that the world civilization will gradually deteriorate over the next 427,000 years so much so that there will be no solution except for Lord Kalki to come and annihilate the demons for bringing in another Satya Yuga.

We are currently witnessing a world civilization which is very much in peril in many ways. There is the global warming crisis, the oil crisis, the terrorism crisis, the economic crisis, the food crisis, the AIDS crisis, and so many other problems. All of these problems are manifestations of the godlessness which is becoming more and more predominant on this planet. Like Ravana the leaders of the modern day civilization are trying to have the kingdom of God without God. But they cannot have it. All of their plans to solve the problems are doomed to certain failure unless they bring back isavasya, the God-centered principle, for the human civilization.  If this can be done, the Vedic scriptures predict that we can have a Satya yuga-like atmosphere on this planet for the next 10,000 years even in the midst of the Kali yuga.

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