How to Get Free from Material Desires?

Question:  How to Get Free from Material Desires?

Whenever I think of Lord Krishna I feel alone as if Krishna is not with me. Why is this so?

It becomes quite hard for me when I think about leaving everything, giving up all material desires. I feel that material desires are a part of my life. Even I feel that we are born to live under guided by these. How can I get free from all these materialistic desires and feel that Lord Krishna is always with me?

Answer:  Spiritualize Them

Actually you are never alone. Lord Krishna is with you at every minute. But now you are feeling alone because you have become covered by maya or illusion. If you will seriously take up on a regular daily basis the chanting of the Hare Krishna mahamantra, all of your feelings of loneliness will go away, and you will feel how you are swimming in the unlimited ocean of Lord Krishna' most sublime association at every minute.

Desire cannot be stopped. It is a natural function of the living entity. If you will simply engage your material desires in the service of Krishna, they will gradually be transformed into spiritual desires, and you will naturally become completely free from all material desires.

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