How to Reach 16 Rounds Every Day?

Question:  How to Reach 16 Rounds Every Day?

I am trying to do sixteen rounds of Hare Krishna chanting each day. Sometimes I reach the goal. Sometimes I do not. How can I achieve this goal of chanting 16 rounds every day without fail?

Answer:  Don't Neglect to Feed the Soul

Your desire to be steady every day in chanting at least sixteen rounds is a first class desire.

As we make sure to eat sufficient meals each day for keeping our body satisfied and healthy, we must similarly make sure that we chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra on japa mala beads every day to make sure that the spirit-soul, which is situated in the body, is in an enlivened spiritually-surcharged state.

Just as we do starve the body by not eating, a devotee does not neglect the spiritual upkeep of the soul within. After all, the real self is the soul within, not the temporary body, which is a covering only. Therefore each day our first priority should be to complete at least 16 rounds of japa before we even think about eating. So rise early before dawn, take your bath, apply tilaka to your body, dress nicely in devotional clothing, and fully absorb yourself in chanting until you have completed at least 16 rounds of japa. Then you may take your breakfast and begin your daily duties.

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