Beginning of Hinduism?

Question:  Beginning of Hinduism?

Did the Hare Krishna movement originate in India?  Is the movement of Indian origin?

Is Hinduism the oldest religion?  Did it begin in India?

Answer:  There is No Such Thing

Although historically rooted in India, the Hare Krishna movement did not originate in India.  It originates in the spiritual world and was first manifested in this universe 155 trillion years ago when Lord Krishna enlightened Lord Brahma with Krishna consciousness just after the creation of this universe.

The word "Hindu" is not found in Vedic scriptures, the foundation of Indian culture. It was coined by the Muslims to describe those persons living east of the River Sindhu, which is now known as the Indus River. Therefore, strictly speaking the term "Hinduism" is a misnomer. Vedic scholars know that the actual term for India's ancient religious culture is "sanatana dharma", the eternal religion of the soul.

Sanatana dharma is indeed the world's oldest religion because it has no beginning point in history. It means to fully absorb yourself in loving service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna or Vishnu. There is no such thing as the beginning of sanatana dharma or "Hinduism" because, like the Hare Krishna movement, it has no beginning point in history having originated in the spiritual world.

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