What's Wrong with Meat Eating?

Question: What's Wrong with Meat Eating?

While discussing Krishna and your lessons and mails with an associate he had the following questions which I could not answer sensibly. I would like the correct answer from you so he also could see and correct his thoughts.

What is wrong is eating non vegetarian food (meat)? The Lord Himself has stated that the soul never dies. So what is wrong with the so-called killing of an animal? It will not die, and its soul may be helped by getting a better birth. So in what way is animal killing a sin?

Answer: Torturously Painful for the Animal

Even though the soul does not die when the animal's body is killed, it is a tortuously painful experience for that animal to be forced prematurely out of his body. The karma for inflicting such misery upon an innocent animal is that his killer or anyone who partakes of his flesh must take an animal birth in that species and undergo a similar fate themselves.

Killing an animal prematurely will not help it get a better birth. According to the law of karma he has a certain amount of time allotted to him to live in that particular species. By his being killed he is forced to take birth again in that same species instead of living out his natural lifespan and moving on to the next higher birth in the evolutionary process.

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