If a Devotee is Hit

Question: If a Devotee is Hit

Sir, in the Bhagavad-gita I read Sri Krishna saying that lust is the root cause of anger. But I don't understand the relationship between anger and lust. Suppose, if a person gets hit by another, he might get angry. But how does lust become a cause for anger in this situation? If a person does not have feelings of lust at all, how does he handle situations where he can get angry? How should have the person mentioned above reacted, if he had no feelings of lust?

Answer: Self Preservation is His Duty

Because a devotee is free of any desire other than serving the Lord his mind is always devoid of anger and peaceful. But because his body is the property of Krishna, if he is attacked by an aggressor, he has a duty to protect his body from being harmed. In such cases for self preservation he can adopt any means necessary to protect his body from injury or death, even if it is necessary to injure or kill his attacker. Even though under such circumstances it may appear that the devotee is acting out of anger, it is not so because his real motivation is his sense of duty to Lord Krishna.

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