Stumbling on the Path of Bhakti

Question: Stumbling on the Path of Bhakti

I have been practicing chanting Hare Krishna for a few months and have experienced the real happiness and eternal bliss for quite sometime. However, for some reason something dragged me into the wrong route and wrong doings for a week. I felt helpless and very uneasy. I don't want to get into this mess any more and want to get back to the same state of bliss I experienced before. Is this common in the spiritual path or is this extremely my fault? Please advise.

Answer: Pick Yourself Up and Resume the Process

Just a like a child sometimes stumbles and falls while learning to walk, neophyte devotees sometimes stumble and fall when they first take up the process of Krishna consciousness. The key is to pick up yourself and dive enthusiastically back into the process. Make sure not to become discouraged and give up the process. If you resume your practice with determination, you will be successful in becoming solidly fixed in Krishna consciousness.

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