Independence Under Krishna's Control?

Question: Independence Under Krishna's Control?

In continuation to August 3 2009's question, you said since the jiva has some amount of independence, its misuse puts him under the clutches of maya. But it is also said that not even a blade of grass moves without Krishna's will. So, isn't that independence is also governed by Him?

And my second question is , when the jiva takes birth for the first time in this material world where does his karma account come from? Since all the while in the past He was serving the Supreme, how does the karma theory work?

Answer: That Would Not Be Independence.

If independence were under Krishna's control, it would not be true independence. Independence means the freedom to choose as one likes without anyone else controlling one's choice. Krishna has given us this independence because love cannot be forced. Love must come from a free choice. Since Krishna wants our love, He gives us a free choice to love Him or leave Him. Either way we are still under the control of His energy. But we have a choice which energy we choose to serve, His spiritual energy or His material energy.

The jiva, the living entity, begins his karmic account from the very moment when He tries to take the position of being the center of existence, and he becomes more and more entangled in maya's grip, the more he tries to enjoy independently from the Lord.

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