Is Everything Predestined?

Question: Is Everything Predestined?

I was wondering that if everything is predestined and in control of God how does our having an independent choice make a difference? Isn't it that I'll make those choices that bring results that are predestined? I am at utter confusion at this topic. Do I really have a choice? I have seen that regardless of what I think, I am doing something else altogether. More like addiction. If so, how to get rid of it?

Answer: Not If You Surrender to Krishna

Within this material existence it is a fact that by the stringent law of karma everything is predestined. But predestiny is overcome as soon as we surrender to Krishna. As soon as we surrender to Lord, we are no longer tossed by the waves of predestiny. The devotee becomes the architect of his own destiny when he surrenders to Krishna, and he thus enjoys an eternal existence of full freedom beyond the clutches of predestiny.

If you want to get rid of your addiction to material addiction, you must replace it with an addiction to Krishna's name. Therefore we advise you that you cultivate a serious addiction by chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamantra every day on japa mala beads.

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