Why Krishna Does Not Know Everything?

Question: Why Krishna Does Not Know Everything?

I don't get it, God (Krishna) is supposed to be the Almighty. How come He does not know everything? For example, when I ask what are the top ten medical schools, I do not get an answer.

Answer: You've Got It Backwards

Why do you think that God is obligated to serve you by supplying you the answers to your questions? You've got it backwards. It's you who should be serving God, rather than expecting God to be your servant.

Don't you see how He is supplying you with all the necessities of life? He's giving you everything to sustain your existence: air, sunshine, clothing, food, water, etc. Instead of appreciating what He is giving you and trying to serve Him, you are finding fault with Him because He doesn't tell you what are the top ten medical schools.

Kindly try to understand that God means that He must be omniscient or all-knowing and that without omniscience there is no meaning to the word "God." And who is God? That is revealed by God Himself in the Bhagavad-gita. He reveals that He is Krishna. And He also reveals that He knows everything. But knowing everything does not mean that He is obligated to supply you with answers to your questions upon your demand. Kindly do not think that He is your order-supplier, that you can simply place your orders for whatever you want and Krishna will then be obliged to fill your orders. Do not try to make God your servant. If you want to realize the highest truth, give up the mentality of trying yourself to be the Lord by engaging Him in your service Rather you should engage yourself in His service. If you will simply place yourself as the humble servant of God without making any demands or requests, fully giving yourself to the Lord as His personal property, you will then have perfect realization of God and everything will be revealed to you. Are you willing to do this? Or do you want to continue asking God to serve you? This is your choice.

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