Is the Moon a Heavenly Planet?

Question: Is the Moon a Heavenly Planet?

Bhagavad-gita, Chapter 8, verse 25 mentions that some souls go to the moon planet after death. It is said to it is said to be like heaven. But what we can see from the photos supposedly taken there is only a rocky and barren land. Kindly clear the doubt.

Supposed Moon Landing:

Answer: Only for Those Who Have a Visa

We know from the higher authority of the Vedic literatures that there is a heavenly civilization on the moon planet. And we also know from the historical records that the astronauts were not able to find this heavenly civilization. If the astronauts did indeed land on the moon, they were not able to "clear customs" and find the moon civilization. Just as someone can land in the USA at the airport, but if they do not have a proper visa they cannot clear customs and enter the USA proper. They can only remain in the airport for some time and then catch a flight back to their country. They will not be allowed to reside in the USA. Similarly there is a visa requirement for entering into the moon civilization. One has to become a devotee of Candra, the moon god. By this worship one can be granted a body that is suitable for residing on the moon planet. Then one will be able to enter the heavenly civilization on the moon planet. Without being a devotee of Candradeva one is not qualified to enter into that heavenly moon civilization.

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