What is Real Happiness?

Question: What is Real Happiness?

Could you please explain what the real happiness is? So far I thought if a person has a good health, equanimity, and wealthy enough ( actually I know if people have a lot of money they want more and more) is happy, but now I am confused, because I found I never feel real happiness because I do not know if I become real happy how it will be. Please, enlighten me. Hare Krishna.

Answer: Unlimited Knowledge and Unending Bliss

Real happiness is to enter into an eternal existence of unlimited knowledge and unending bliss.

No matter how much facility a fish may have on the land, he can never be really happy on the land because he is not a creature of the land. Because he is a creature of the water he can only truly be happy when he is in the water.

Similarly, we, the living beings, are actually inhabitants of the spiritual world. Therefore our nature is to be eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss. This means that as long we remain identified with these material bodies--which are temporary, full of ignorance, and full of misery--we can never experience genuine happiness. Real happiness is tasted when we revive our original pure state of Krishna consciousness and thus regain our original identities as the eternal servants of Krishna, not by trying to gratify the temporary, ever-lustful material senses.

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