When the ego dies...

Question: When the ego dies...

It is said, "When the ego of person dies, God lives in Him." -So are the mind and ego the same? If not, then my next question is: To be in Krishna consciousness we need to control our mind, right? To take firm decision means identifying ourselves with identity, our ego, right? That means that to control to mind we are also need our ego? So it is said that when the ego dies God reveals Himself. But, Gurudeva, how does the ego die, or our thoughts die? I am totally confused.

Answer: The Ego Never Dies

It's no wonder that you are confused because you are trying to come to a coherent conclusion after basing your thinking on a false premise. The ego or identity of the individual being never dies. This is confirmed by Krishna in chapter two of the Bhagavad-gita. There is, however, a false ego or false sense of identity that dies when one becomes awakened in Krishna consciousness. That false ego is the erroneous identification of the self with the body.

The mind of is an instrument which is used by the self. It is like the reins which control the senses. It is not the actual self. Yes, Krishna consciousness means to control the mind by using it to keep all of our senses always engaged in Krishna's service. And yes, taking a firm decision requires a sense of identity. When our false ego is abandoned and when we fully revive our true ego that I am the eternal servant of Krishna or God, then it is fact the the Supreme Lord will appear before us.

So, in short, ego never dies. Only false ego dies if we become spiritually awakened. And thoughts never die. They simply become properly utilized by the real ego to engage all of one's senses in Krishna's service instead of being improperly engaged in the vain pursuit of material sense gratification.

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