Satsang with Swami Shankarananda

Swamiji reminded us that the Great Beings are the ‘treasure of humanity. Each has their own unique connection with the divine’. Some are devotional while others follow the path of wisdom.

The first Indian yogi Swamiji felt a strong connection with was Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana is famous for his story of realization and the path he taught: Self inquiry. Swamiji describes Self Inquiry as ‘turning within and asking questions inwardly with the intention of moving closer to the Self’.

Swamiji said that Ramana always saw things from the highest perspective:

‘Ramana was always powerfully connected with the Self rather than the mind. There is never any problem from the point of view Ramana takes’. A questioner asked Ramana ‘What is the difference between meditation and distraction?’ Ramana said, ‘No difference, when there are thoughts it is distraction. When there are no thoughts it is meditation’.

Swamiji said that our connection with the Self is inevitably as long as we keep on the path. Swamiji encouraged us to focus on the ‘joy behind the suffering, the peace behind the agitation and the love behind the animosity and hatred’. Leading us into meditation Swamiji said, ‘When we meditate we go to the place of peace and perfection. We should know that space and go there again and again. We should live in that space’.

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