Is Religion Merely a Set of Beliefs?

Answer: Religion is the Perfection of Science

The first thing is that we must scientifically analyze whether or not there is a Supreme. First we can ask if everyone has the same amount of strength. Then we can ask if everyone has the same amount of beauty. And then we can inquire whether everyone is equally renounced. Then we can inquire further if everyone has the same amount of knowledge, wealth, and fame. The answer in regards to each of these six qualities is, "No." What does this tell us? This tell us that somewhere there is a person who excels everyone else in the possession of these six opulences.  That person is supreme, so there must necessarily be a Supreme. There cannot not be a Supreme. The only way there could not be a Supreme would be if everyone had exactly the same quantity of power, beauty, renunciation, knowledge, wealth, and fame. And since that is not the case, there must be a Supreme.

Genuine religion is more scientific than the so-called science of our modern times. It is most scientific because it enables us to directly experience at every moment the Supreme Person, the source for all of existence. Modern science is a hodgepodge of theories which come and go like the change of the seasons, but actual science and religion is to have perfect knowledge of and a perfect relationship with the Supreme Person, the absolute source of all energies, and of all of his energetic manifestations, which constitute the totality of existence.

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