Afraid of Identity?

What should one do if he is afraid of his true identity? I know this question seems foolish, but as you are very kind to everyone I hope you can explain something about how we should not be afraid of realizing our real self.

Answer:  Reactivate and Celebrate Your True Identity

You have a raised a very significant question. Thank you very much.

Because in the course of having a personal sense of identity we have suffered so many trials and tribulations we may sometimes think that it would be better if we did not have an identity at all. This is the philosophy of thinking that identitylessness is superior to identity. When we subscribe to this philosophy and we hear that we have an eternal true identity we become afraid thinking that it would better to merge or disappear into oneness or nothingness.

But if we will take complete shelter of the Lord under the guidance of the bona fide spiritual master each of us will experience the reawakening of our original, blissful, enlightened identity as the eternal servant of Lord Krishna in any one of five primary rasas or relationships. And in this enlightened state of consciousness we will be very happy and satisfied resituated in our true identity. This happiness is millions and billions of time greater than the temporary sense of happiness one may experience by embracing identitylessness.

So there is nothing to be afraid of. Take Krishna's shelter and guru's guidance and become fully happy by flipping the switch to reactivate and celebrate your true identity, the eternal spirit-self.

How to flip that switch?  Chant Hare Krishna with love.

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