Christianity and Krishna Consciousness

Question:  Christianity and Krishna Consciousness

explain how a practicing Christian can embrace the teachings of the Gita, i.e. Krishna consciousness, while remaining a Christian at heart?

Answer:  No McDonald's Hamburgers

As Krishna is God, the Father, and Christ is God, the Son, there is no difference in the teachings. lt is the same teaching presented from two different perspectives.  Krishna says, "Surrender unto Me," and Christ says, "Father, not My will, but Thy will be done."

But kindly note that as the Bible commands "Thou shalt not kill",  the Christians need to refrain from the heinous activity of flesh eating in order to bring themselves into a proper relationship with God. This is a necessary prerequisite for entering the kingdom of God because since it is a vegetarian place, as confirmed in the Bible, anyone who has a desire to eat meat would not be satisfied there. You will not find any MacDonald's hamburger stands in the kingdom of God.

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